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13SCC Series Clever Clamp

by Dixon
SKU 13SCC-100150
Original price $37.10 - Original price $60.00
Original price
$37.10 - $60.00
Current price $37.10
Size: 1"/1.5"
Self-Locking : No

The patent-pending Dixon 13SCC-Series Clever Clamp offers a new perspective
on an age-old design. Its easy-to-use lever closure provides fast and
consistent compression on both rubber and PTFE gasket connections every
time. No torquing, no tools; clamp and go!

Ideal for connections on vessels or skids that may have a higher amount of vibration and are changed out infrequently. It helps reduce the chance of taking off the wrong clamp!


  • It can be installed anywhere a traditional tri-clamp is used.


  • 1-1/2"
  • 2"
  • 3"


  • Consistent compression of the gasket with every use:
    • No concern for damage to the gasket from over-compression or creating internal bacteria traps from over or under compression
    • ASME BPE capable
  • Adjustable for both rubber and PTFE gasket styles
  • Fast installation, no torquing tools required
  • The threadless design eliminates the risk of damaged threads leading to an improper tightening of wingnut
  • Lockout ready design
    • Aligned holes in the clamp body make cable locking fast and easy
  • Self-locking lever and colour-coding options are available
  • HAACP Program Adaptable


  • 304 stainless steel

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