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Frequently Asked Questions

        1. How long will it take for me to get my goods?

          I try to get most parts shipped out within 48 hours! All items are dependent on the current stock and inventory levels of our partners. In order to maintain a high level of quality, most orders are fulfilled at time of purchase with suppliers that have local warehouses. However, should an item be out of stock with that supplier, most of our industry partners have restocking times of 2-3 weeks. If the item is in stock, it will be subject to the shipping times at check out.

        2. Who are Gorman and Smith? 

          I named the company after my parents since they were the ones that started the passion for fermentation at an early age by assigning wine bottle washing and corking duties as chores. 

        3. What sort of services does Gorman & Smith provide?

          I guide people through solving their technical problems when starting and operating a craft beverage company. While my specialty is neighbourhood breweries with almost a decade of experience in the craft beer industry, I can help with all sorts of day-to-day issues. 

        4. What experience does Gorman & Smith have?

          Graduating from The University of Western Ontario in 2011, I moved into brewery production at a regional brewery with most experience going towards brewing, filtration, and packaging. Leaving the production brewery environment to work on brewery projects, I have since received training from several MBAA courses, started a Master's of Brewing Science at The University of Heriot-Watt, taught at the brewing school at Niagara College, and most importantly, help a dozen breweries start making fresh, local, great tasting craft beer.
        5. I would like to build a brewery, where should I start?

          With a business plan! Write down everything that can help determine how to operate your new venture. After that, the next step should be to decide if you would like to design your brewery yourself or if you would like to bring in some help. There are many moving pieces involved with many surprises that only experience prepares you for. Decide if you want to ask companies for either quotes or proposals for your new facility.

        6. Where do you source your equipment from?

          I try to prioritize well made, quality suppliers with local support offices. Stainless steel pieces should last decades with proper treatment, but the small parts, such as gaskets and seats, will need replacing more often. No facility should be down if they have a leak! In addition, I have been working with a facility in Shangdong, China for over three years to help with stainless steel vessel manufacturing. As with any market, there are good manufacturers and poor manufacturers, it can help to bring in someone who has done the leg work ahead of time.

        7. Why should I use Gorman & Smith for my facility?

          I focus on local beverage producers getting up and running so they can serve their communities. I believe that the market is going to focus on neighbourhoods instead of larger regional markets in the upcoming years, having someone who understands the importance that a new business such as a craft brewery or winery can bring to a local community.

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