VVS Manual Ball Valve

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The VVS is a manual sanitary ball valve made by positioning a precision ball with hole inside the valve body whose opening movement allows a product passage without restrictions thus reducing friction loss to a minimum.  It is ideal for viscous liquids or liquids with suspended particles in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries and in applications with high operating pressures. On request also available in the integral seal version to reduce any product stagnation inside the valve body to a minimum. Fitted with a stainless steel 2-position handle, a handle with multiple positions is available on request.


  • Two-Way Manual Ball Valve
  • Tri-Clamp Connections
  • Allows flow without restrictions
  • Highly Precise
  • Available Connections from 0.5" to 4" by request
  • PTFE Valve Seats, FKM available by request


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