TVP Series Air & Vacuum Relief Tri-Clamp Tank Vent Valve

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Dixon Sanitary TVPC200-300 Air & Vacuum Relief Tank Vent Valve is used to relieve pressure as the fluid level in your tank changes. This budget-friendly tank vent relief valve features both 2" and 3" Tri-Clamp® connections on the same unit for versatility. Affordable and lightweight construction consisting of a PVC body with a 304 Stainless Steel Dome to help prevent contamination of your product. This pressure relief valve has a maximum flow rate of 500 GPM and is capable of 1 psi vacuum break or pressure relief.


  • The valve relieves pressure as the fluid level rises while filling a tank.
  • The valve relieves vacuum as the fluid level drops while emptying a tank.


  • Valve has both 2" and 3" clamp connections
  • Dome helps in preventing external contamination
  • Can be used with any clamp gasket


  • Lightweight, robust PVC and 304 stainless steel construction

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