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K64 Check Valve

SKU F7300375
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Size: 1"

Tassalini Sanitary Check Valves are manufactured from Aisi 316L Stainless Steel and are of high strength construction from a solid stainless steel block. They are equipped with low-pressure springs allowing for either vertical or horizontal valve operation. The wide head seal opening permits the passage of solid particles.


  • High strength construction from solid stainless steel block.
  • Wide diaphragm opening to permit passage of solid particles.
  • PTFE sealing gaskets or other elastomers on request.
  • Equipped with low-pressure springs allowing either vertical or horizontal valve operation.
  • Spring operating pressure range can be customized.

Technical Data

  • Operating pressure: max 10 bars.
  • Operating temperature:
    • max. +120°C (+250°F);
    • min. -20°C (-5°F).
    • Seals:
    • PTFE (-10ºC +150ºC, +15ºF +300ºF);
    • EPDM (-30ºC +140ºC, -20ºF +280ºF);
    • silicone (-50ºC +200ºC, -60ºF +390ºF);
    • viton (-15ºC +220ºC, +5ºF +430ºF).
  • Finish: 120 grit (max Ra 1.01-1.14 µm, 40-45 µ”).
  • Locking test: 0.7 bars.
  • Casing test: 15 bars.
  • Product range: 1” to 4”.

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