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K61RT Relief Valve

SKU F7300345
Original price $670.00 - Original price $890.00
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$670.00 - $890.00
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Connection: Tri-Clamp
Size: 1"

Pressure relief valves are designed to relieve excess pressure in processing pipelines. As soon as the pressure in the pipeline exceeds the preset maximum operating pressure the valve opens and relieves the excess pressure. Once the pressure returns within the preset range the valve closes again.


  • The pressure control element is located inside the valve body to ensure that no accidental operation of the valve occurs. 
  • The valve opening pressure is adjustable from 0.5 to 5 bar.

Technical Data

  • Max. product pressure: 12 bar.
  • General temperature range: -10oC +95oC (+15oF +205oF).
  • Silicone: -50oC +200oC (-60oF +390oF)
  • EPDM: -30oC +140oC (-20oF +280oF);
  • 3-A and FDA approved
  • Finish: 120 grit (max Ra 1.01–1.14 μm, 40-45 μ”)
  • Production range: DN 25 to DN 80, 1” to 3”.
  • Connections: welding end, threaded end, ferrule end.
  • Standards: DIN, SMS, RJT BS, IDF ISS, Clamp.
  • Steel grades: Aisi 316L.

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