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K100 Butterfly Valve with Clamp Ends

SKU F7300525 + F7300020
Original price $182.00 - Original price $740.00
Original price
$182.00 - $740.00
Current price $182.00
Material: 304 Stainless Steel
Handle Type: 7M8 Two Position Plastic
Size: 1"


  • Butterfly valves are universal and economical on/off routing valves
    used for isolation and control in food processing pipelines.


  • They are sanitary valves that offer low flow resistance and reversible flow direction providing gentle treatment of the product. 
  • Valve maintenance is easy and valves have a long service life. 
  • All flanges with the same diameter are interchangeable thus allowing any combination of outlets as well as combinations between different standards. 
  • Valves can be operated manually or pneumatically. 
  • Manual valves are available with a wide choice of handles that lock
    in intermediate positions so that the flow rate can be regulated. 
  • Pneumatic valves are available with a full range of accessories, including horizontal and vertical single-, double-acting and flow control actuators, control tops and electrical components. 
  • All handles and actuators are fitted onto the valve with the same connection. This allows for great flexibility and increased savings during extensions or modifications of processing lines.

Technical Data:

  • Max. product pressure:
    • 700 kPa (7 bar);
  • Recommended working pressure:
    • 600 kPa (6 bar).
  • General temperature range:
    • -10ºC +95ºC (+15ºF +205ºF).
  • Seals temperature range:
    • Silicone: -50ºC +200ºC (-60ºF +390ºF)
    • EPDM: -30ºC +140ºC (-20ºF +280ºF)

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