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K100 Butterfly Valve Seat

SKU R7009700
Original price $9.50 - Original price $55.00
Original price
$9.50 - $55.00
Current price $9.50
Material: Red Silicone
Size: 1"

Replacement Seals for Tassalini Factory Butterfly Valve. Compression moulding and high-quality elastomers are used to make these seals.

A valve seat is essentially where the movable component of a valve lands when it is closed. The disc sits securely on the seat to close and seal the valve in butterfly valve applications. Seats are made to maintain the seal intact in the face of temperature, friction, and impact forces. The type of butterfly valve seal that is utilized is determined by the application parameters, which include temperature, pressure, and medium type.

Temperature Ratings:

  • Red Silicone: -60F to +300F
  • Black EPDM: -60F to +300F


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