Growler Bro Mini Beer Infuser

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A three-pack of mini beer infusers! Think of it like a reusable tea bag for homebrew!

Infuse your beer by the growler, pitcher or glass to test recipes and create variety.

Educate your palate on hop types, punch up bland batches!

250 micron / 60-mesh screen infuses flavor without the dregs.

Easy to use:

  1. Fill up Growler Bro up to half way with ingredients of choice.
  2. Don’t add fermentable sugars…growlers may explode!
  3. Add to your growler or container.
  4. Fill and agitate to remove any trapped air and cap.
  5. Sit for a bit and enjoy!


  • Growler Bro (3 pack) – BIN-001


  • Infusion in growler, pitcher or glass


  • 250 micron / 60 mesh

Max Operating temp:

  • 65C / 150F


  • 0.02kg / 0.04lb (each)

Country of Origin:

  • U.S.A.