DuraWand D-Wand and DM-Wand Series

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  • Front trigger guard cover designed to prevent accidental spray.
  • Trigger lock mechanism built in.
  • Quick connect receptacle for accessories.
  • 304 stainless steel construction with a total weight of 1.53 lbs
  • 1.5 or 3 foot 304 stainless steel wand length options.
  • Adjustable spray pattern wand tip: solid or fan spray.
  • Quick connect to any DH series or DS series nozzle.

    Principal Parts, Material, & Ratings:

    SuperKlean’s stainless steel wash down wand was specifically designed to provide the user with a means of “reaching” desired washdown locations previously deemed unreachable by extending the nozzle. Our wand design incorporated a wand tip that is capable of changing spray pattern from fan spray to solid spray by simply “twisting” the tip until desired pattern is achieved as well as a quick disconnect feature that allows the user to quickly connect our wand to our DuraFlow spray nozzles (DH150S series) or those of our competitors.