Bronze 3/4" Ball Value

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  • Single pull open or shutdown ability.
  • Bronze or stainless steel construction for water, oil, gas, or steam.

Principal Parts, Material, & Ratings:

  • Inlet / Outlet Diameter: 3/4″ NPT
  • Ball Valve Body: Bronze
  • Lever and Grip: Plated Steel / Stainless Steel with Vinyl
  • Stem Valve: Teflon
  • Stem Bearing: Teflon
  • Ball: Chrome Plated
  • Seats: Teflon
  • Retainer: Brass
  • Gland Nut: Brass
  • Stem: Brass
  • Lever Nut: Stainless Steel
  • Body Seal: Stainless Steel
  • Maximum Pressure: 600 PST WOG / 150 PSI Steam
  • Maximum Temperature: 200° F (93° C)
  • Weight: 1.28 Lbs.

SuperKlean™ provides industry-leading ¾ʺ ball valves, which allow users to shut down steam, water, oil or gas supply lines easily. These are quarter-turn valves. These valves are used in environments where tight shut-off becomes a necessity. Hence, our industrial valves are regularly used to transfer gases, clear liquids, and liquids with solid suspensions.