B45BY Series Y-Ball Tri-Clamp Check Valve

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Tri-clamps are one of the most common sanitary connection types in North America. It consists of a gasket between two tri-clamp ferrules or flanges which are mechanically tightened in place with a clamp. Made from stainless steel, it is used for piping in the food, beverage, biotech, and pharmaceutical industries. This ball tri-clamp check valve allows for lines to be quickly and effectively purged with a high degree of cleanliness. They are verified by both ASME A270 and 3A certifications.


  • 3A authorized 58-00
  • Clamp & Cap Size: + 0.5" Larger Than Valve Size


  • Field serviceable (no special tools required)
  • Replace seat instead of the entire valve


    • Two-piece construction
    • PTFE ball
    • All metal product surfaces are 316L stainless steel construction

    How It Works

    • When liquid flows through the valve, the ball is forced into the branch of the valve allowing full fluid flow. When the liquid stops, equalizing the pressure, the ball drops back into the seat, preventing backflow. Should reverse flow occur, the differential pressure will cause the ball to seal firmly against the seat preventing leakage.

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