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Pumps & Pump Carts

A sanitary pump is one that can be cleaned easily and has smooth interior surfaces to prevent bacteria from growing. Stainless Steel 316L is the most often utilised material in the industry. Rotary Lobe Pumps, Side Channel Pumps, Progressive Cavity Pumps, and Disc Rotor Pumps are examples of additional kinds. In the Food and Beverage Industry, Biopharma/Pharma for Active Ingredients & Products, historically filtered water, and/or WFI, a sanitary pump is widely utilised (Water for Injection).

Sanitary Pumps can be used on their own, or built into a cart assembly for easy use around the facility.



Dixon Sanitary Pump Carts provide you with a mobile platform from which to transport and operate your pumps safely and securely. Please contact us for further details as these pump cart are made to order according to customer specifications.

Standard Features:

  • Handle assembly: 1-1/2" glass bead blasted 304 stainless steel tubing
  • Cord hanger: sturdy handle mounted 1/2" diameter hanger
  • Pump mounting plate: glass bead blasted 1/4" 304 stainless steel plate
  • Flat free tires: 8" x 2" Polyurethane tire, aggressive sawtooth tread, steel rim
  • Pre-wiring: all carts ordered with motor and VFD come pre-wired
  • Oil drain: Positive displacement pump cart assemblies come standard with oil drain hole that allows oil to be drained without removing the pump from cart

Optional Features:

  • Controls: a complete range of VFD options
  • VFD Programming: VFD can be pre-programmed for the customer to meet their specific requirements
  • Electrical cord: cord can be supplied with cart (customer must specify length)
  • Digital pressure transmitter provides feedback to the VFD to help optimize performance
  • Food grade casters: 85A durometer cushioned rubber casters with locking rear casters
  • Special Requirements: Dixon Sanitary Engineering Department can provide unique solutions for specific customer requirements

Pump Models and Motor Sizes:

  • Centrifugal models: BC/BP Series 114 - 428
    • Flow Rate: Up to 400 gpm
    • Connections: 1-1/2" to 4"
  • Rotary Lobe Pump sizes: RZW 120, RZL 105 to 225
    • Flow Rate: Up to 120 gpm
    • Connections: 1" to 2-1/2"
  • Motor sizes: 1/4 HP to 10 HP



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