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Project: Lark DFF

"Kyle is an ultimate pro. He is so knowledgeable and generous with his time and expertise. He was crucial in our initial set-up and is always open to helping us after set-up and as our business evolves. Such a great asset to have access to. Work is always done on time and on quote. We highly recommend Gorman & Smith. :) "
Michelle, Mark & Carlos
Lark Drink, Food & Flora
Etobicoke, Ontario 


Michelle saw a market problem, plastic use. It was not that long ago that all beverages came in closed loop systems, empty pop bottles went back to the filling plant for cleaning and refilling. How could people still get the high quality of products they've come to expect but reduce the carbon foot print as much as possible? With a shipping container full of reusable glass bottles and crates, they were ready to get started.


The Lark team was hoping to get into production for Spring 2020, there was a major problem. The ripple effects from manufacturing shut downs where delaying equipment and supplies. They didn't even know if their original business model for supplying restaurants and hotels would be valid anymore.


By converting some small brewing equipment with a restaurant level carbonator that were both found locally, it was possible to start making their product until the proper equipment would arrive. While the batches are smaller than planned, it was enough for the team to get started to work on growing their business and getting locally made carbonated beverages to the city of Toronto. 

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