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SsBrewtech Pro Series Brewhouses Coming to Canada

SsBrewtech Pro Series Brewhouses Coming to Canada

This week, Gorman & Smith Beverage Equipment has announced that they are taking quotes for SsBrewtech’s Professional Series of Brewhouses and Cellar vessels. SsBrewtech engineers high-end stainless steel equipment for brewing beer, kombucha, and much more at home or professionally. They have since become an industry leader for the homebrewing market with under 1 bbl capacity vessels, their Pro series focuses on vessels for commercial breweries. While this product line has been available in the United States for some time, they have not been available to the Canadian market until recently.

“I’m really excited to be able to offer this product line to Canadian brewers,” Gorman & Smith founder W. Kyle Smith reports, “I think it takes a lot of courage to go on your own and decide to start a craft brewery, and there are lots of difficulties associated with that decision, but the people who you are relying on to get started should not be one of those challenges. SsBrewtech provides the equipment to a brewery that both professional and hobby brewers have known to trust.”

Gorman & Smith Beverage Equipment was founded in 2018 and provides both brewing equipment and consulting services to the craft beer industry. Within the last year, they have guided award-winning breweries Black Lab Brewing Company of Toronto, Ontario and Stonehooker Brewing Company of Mississauga, Ontario to opening, as well as aiding Escarpment Laboratories of Guelph, Ontario through several expansions. Quotations for SsBrewtech’s Professional series of equipment can be requested by visiting

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