Brew Bucket

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The signature conical base of the Brew Bucket minimizes potential off flavour yeast contact during fermentation and allows the yeast to concentrate for a clean transfer. Fermenting in stainless steel is much more sanitary than plastic and safer than glass.

All sizes of Brew Buckets fit nicely into a standard chest freezer for convenient temperature control.

Perfect for Kombucha!

For many of the same reasons the iconic Brew Bucket has become the go-to fermenter in beer, it is quickly becoming the industry standard for small-batch professional-level kombucha fermentation.

Key features such as the 100% width removable lid that makes for easy scoby removal, a rotational racking arm to avoid the pickup of adjuncts, and quality stainless steel construction make the Brew Bucket near perfect for kombucha fermentation.

  • Conical base with rotatable racking arm
  • Stackable - saves space
  • Silicon base
  • 3/8” Mini ball valve for transfers and gravity samples
  • Wide lid with secure spring clamps
  • 17mm port in lid for 1/2” blow-off tubing
  • Etched volume markings gals/litres
  • Patent pending