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Project: Escarpment Laboratories

"Gorman & Smith helped us push through what appeared to be a perilous situation and if it were not for them than we would never have been able to finish our expansion and would have lost thousands of dollars. Since that time, we have relied on Gorman and Smith to help us with subsequent expansions giving us additional support in the form of design work and parts, as well as the logistics, meaning that we could rest easy and focus our efforts on better serving our customers. Gorman and Smith have been fantastic to work with and has played a critical role in allowing us to provide excellent service to our customers."
Nate Ferguson
Co-Owner & Co-Founder
Escarpment Laboratories
Guelph, Ontario 


Escarpment Laboratories founders Angus Ross, Nate Ferguson, and Richard Preiss met at the University of Guelph while conducting yeast research. Originally a pet project, they started to collect the interesting and rare yeast varieties that they had come across. The samples started to get shared with friends within brewing and they started Escarpment Laboratories to fill a market need: there were no liquid yeast suppliers in Canada. 

Saving Canadian brewers from having to import their yeast from the United States, they quickly became hometown heroes and consistently outgrowing their lab bench.


While the crew may joke that their job is to make bad beer so that others can make great beer, the equipment is similar but slightly different. For an early start up, using standardized brewing equipment was perfectly fine, but to increase crop sizes, they needed to custom design their own fermenters. They started to get these designed, however, they had no idea how to get the vessels to their facility... Knowing that shipping and freight can have steep costs with very little warning, Escarpment hired Kyle to help them through the process of importing equipment and receiving.


Each growth phase with Escarpment Laboratories allows them to provide more variety of strains to their customers. Each time they are able to get slightly more efficient, it allows them to save time and costs to serve brewers better. Everybody wins.


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